Coconut Wood Crafts to Conserve Coastal Area

Wulan is a coconut wood craftsman in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. About 6 years ago she was an ordinary housewife, fully devoted to her husband and dedicated herself to being a good household manager.

However, there is a problem that becomes a time bomb in their household, not from within but from outside factors. The degradation of environmental quality and human greed caused her husband to lose his income drastically. The use of potash, global warming, illegal logging of mangrove wood by outsiders resulted in her husband losing his income as a small fisherman who fished near the shore in the reefs. The income from coconut plantations in the front and back yards of the house is not enough to meet the needs of Wulan’s family.

Wulan also had to find a way to find additional income, he tried various ways but he got the inspiration to process the waste of old coconut shells and unused old coconut wood around the village. He began to process them into household utensils and souvenirs such as spoons, key chains, and others. But he realized the quality was not as good as those on the market when he tried to sell to the city.

He also attended trainings held by various parties to improve the quality of his work. After participating in several trainings and exhibitions, the quality of Wulan’s coconut handicraft products has improved. She and her husband also founded Khulacraft as their brand. She started getting orders to increase because her products were getting better, so Wulan and her husband started to work on people and bought some machines.

However, this did not cause Wulan to abandon her responsibilities as a good wife. She directly supports her husband’s activities in forming a mangrove and coastal ecosystem protection group so that the fish on the shore do not become extinct and his husband does not return to working odd jobs. Most of Khulacraft’s profits are used for coastal protection activities so that coconut farmers do not lose their jobs due to coastal erosion and deforestation.

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