Coco Fiber and Coco Peat

We provide various product from outer layer of coconut shell, such as coco fiber and coco peat. Coco fiber usually used for mat or cushion. Coco fiber/coir is also can be used for erosion control, landscaping, and hydroponic growing. Meanwhile, coco peat is usually used for popular plant medium due to its nutrition for early stage of plant.

Coco Fiber

  • Moisture level: 12-15%
  • Bal size: 30x40x80 cm
  • Weight 15kg/bal


  • EC < 0, 22 s/d 0,618 mS/cm (high quality)
  • Weight 15 to 50 kg/ sack
  • Moisture : 15 – 18 %
  • customable size in block per 5 kg.
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