Coconut Woodcraft

We provide various products of handicrafts based on coconut wood and coconut shell. Our product is recycling from an old unproductive coconut tree that has been cut down. This product is a great option to ensure a healthier life by reducing excessive plastic consumption on the planet.

Cutlery Set

  • Material: Coconut Wood
  • Waterbased lacquer

For peaceful meals at school, the office, and on the road: a set of Spoon a knife , and a fork, and a chopstick fashioned from safe natural coconut wood. With different cases, box or pouch, it’s an absolute perfect gift for your loved one.

Spatula Set

  • Material: Coconut Wood
  • Waterbased lacquer

Bringing tradition back to your kitchen with an iconic design. Great for sauteing, cooking, and serving. Best wooden spatula for any cooking surface including cast iron cookware, non-stick teflon, stainless steel, and woks.

Plate and Tray

  • Material: Coconut Wood
  • Waterbased lacque

This oval plate will add a small touch of minimal elegance to your kitchen or dining room. They are practical too and will be useful for small bites. With their classic yet elegant look, coconut wood forks blend easily into any kitchen, salad parties, and quiet breakfasts on your porch. They bear the natural colors and lines of coconut timber, and they’re also sturdy enough for frequent use.

Handling tips
Hand wash your cutlery and do not soak for long periods of time.
Do not expose your cutlery to extreme heat.
Use for warm, room temperature and cold foods.
Do not place your cutlery in the refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.

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